1991 Land Rover Range Rover|1991 ランドローバー レンジローバー



About this model
The original Range Rover, called the Classic Range, was born in 1970. Simply put, the concept behind this car is “a 4WD car that is also comfortable on paved roads.” After the war, the Land Rover was popular as a multi-purpose vehicle, and Rover enjoyed solid sales. In the late 1950s, when it got on track to start making passenger cars, too, the company came up with the new “Road Rover” plan. The concept was a passenger car that could also drive over rough roads, what we would call a cross-over car today. But the sales department doubted there was a market for this plan, so it was temporarily shelved. After that, social conditions stabilized and in 1965, the Road Rover plan was revived. As the plan began moving forward again, the supervisor in charge of the development team was Charles Spenser King, whose career included work as an engineer in Rolls Royce’s aircraft division during the war. The new design the team came up with was “a 4WD car with the comfort of a high-end vehicle,” the forerunner of today’s luxury SUVs. The first Range Rover had a 2-two door wagon body that was as stylishness as today’s 4-door coupes. A 4-door body was added to the original Range Rover line in 1980. Regular improvements were made, and production continued until 1996.

About this vehicle
Range Rovers were first imported and sold on a full-scale basis in Japan in 1990. The bubble was showing signs of bursting, but the good times were still rolling. Although it has been 27 years since they arrived in Japan, the number of Range Rovers in circulation is only moderate. Only the 3.9L V8 engine model was imported to Japan in the first year. The second year the Vanden Plas, with a 4.2L engine and 200mm larger wheelbase, was added. The Classic Range, with its simple and classy style, stood out as the SUV boom took off. Even amid the current classic car boom, you don’t see any of these cars priced unreasonably high, so you can budget more for major maintenance or interior and exterior revamps. It’s a classic to aim for. This particular vehicle is a regular model first registered in 1991. The body color is the popular Alpine white. The seller, Rangers, is a Range Rover speciality shop that stocks both fully finished vehicles as well as base cars waiting to be finished to customer specifications. This particular vehicle is the latter type, and the final price will vary depending on the maintenance and level of customization. For the Classic Range, with its quintessential toughness, sticking close to the original is a good option, but personalizing it is even better. Don’t miss this chance.

Photo_Kosuke ARAI 新井康介
Text_Seiichi NORISHIGE 教重誠一

1991 Land Rover Range Rover Bespoke A|1991 ランドローバー レンジローバー ビスポークA
Production 1991
Brand Land Rover
Model Range Rover
Engine 3.9L
Number of cylinders 8
Power 170ps/4550rpm
Length 4450mm
Width 1820mm
Height 1790mm
Wheelbase 2540mm
Drive Full time 4WD
Weight 2060kg
Tire size(F) 205R16
Tire size(R) 205R16
Price Ask

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